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375 Dalhousie Street
Ottawa, Ontario
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We at Stubbe Chocolate are proud to introduce to you a Colombian treasure: "Nectar De Cacao Supreme Beans, uniquely created from a blend of 3 of the finest beans of South America.

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"In 2010 with my partner, Pilar, I had the opportunity to visit Colombia, South America. She wanted to introduce me to her family and friends and also to show me a cocoa pod for the first time. At the time she was living in Colombia she was close to a group of environmentalist organizations and with them she planned a trip to a cocoa plantation closer to Bogota. Obviously, they focused in showing me everything related to cocoa from scratch.   Read More...

Experience flavour with our signiature truffles, hand crafted the same way we
did six generations ago. Choose from over 35 exquisite flavours of dark, milk and white. 52%, 70% and 100% cocoa coupled with hand picked flavours and spices.

We offer boxes of:   4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 24, 35, 48.











 Special Milk








Green Tea


Plain Milk


Pear William






Cognac   70% Cocoa










 Special Dark






Rasberry Champagne


More than just chocolate, our rich traditional sweets are a delicious indulgence. Our wide variety of traditional German sweets created with the Stubbe Chocolates touch include Candied Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Ginger, Mozart Kugeln, Almond Cluster, Caramelized Hazelnuts, Marzipan Fruits , Basler Lekkerli, Baumkuchen, Marzipan Brot, Marzipan Kartoffeln, Stollen and Florentiner.

German Traditional Sweets


German Traditional Sweets

Vanilla Kipferl

German Traditional Sweets

Mozart Kugeln

German Traditional Sweets

Marzipan Fruits

With over 35 different
kinds of chocolate bars in our
assortment, there is sure to be one to
everyone’s liking. Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate,
Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate - plain or with
a variety of dried fruits or roasted nuts. Pure
Origin Chocolate with Organic, 100% cacao, 85% cacao,
and dark chocolate. cocoa beans from Cuba, Santo
Domingo, Tanzania, Mexico, Peru etc. With cocoa
content up to 100% Diabetic Dark and Milk
Chocolate, sweetened with Maltitol.

Our passion for baking at Stubbe chocolate is a reflection of our Tortes and Cakes, with our light creamy ganache, rich chocolate mousse, butter cream, sponge cake and other delicacies. Decorated by our in-house cake artists, we customize your Cake or Torte to make every occasion extra special.

Anna Torte

Chocolate sponge cake. Three layers of
blended orange chocolate.

XL $88   L $62   M $48   S $30

Chocolate Almond Torte

Rich chocolate and almond cake filled
with chocolate vanilla cream.

L $68   M $50   S $31

Chocolate Marzipan Torte

Chocolate sponge cake with two layers
of ganache and one layer of marzipan.

XL $92   L $64   M $50   S $32

Chocolate Praline Torte

Almond chocolate sponge cake filled
with two layers of chocolate and two
layers of praline filling.

L $64   M $50   S $32

Walnut Torte

Walnut sponge cake with layers of walnut
cream, cranberries and apple compote,
covered in dark chocolate.

L $79   M $64   S $40

Cointreau "Herren" Torte

Chocolate sponge cake with almonds,
filled with two layers of cointreau
chocolate and one of orange marzipan.
(with alcohol)

L $66   M $54   S $33

Dobos Torte

Specially baked dobos layers, filled with
mocha-chocolate topped with caramel.

L $69   M $57   S $36

Lemon Torte

Almond sponge cake with three layers
of lemon cream, covered with dark
chocolate. (gluten free)

L $66   M $50   S $33

Florentine Torte

White sponge cake with a very light
filling of chocolate vanilla cream,
including marzipan and raspberry jam.

L $69   M $57   S $36

Truffle Torte

Chocolate sponge cake with layers of white
and dark chocolate ganache, covered
with dark chocolate. (nut free)

XL $92   L $65   M $49   S $31

Marzipan Torte

Marzipan sponge cake, filled with two
layers of marzipan and apricot jam.

L $79   M $66   S $44

Special Hazelnut Torte

Hazelnut sponge cake, filled with dark
chocolate ganache and covered in
milk chocolate. (gluten free)

L $79   M $64   S $40

Mozart Torte

Almond sponge cake, filled with
chocolate mousse and raspberries,
covered with dark chocolate.
Made without flour.

L $63   M $50   S $31

Pistachio-Mango Torte

Vanilla cream with mango in pistachio
sponge cake, covered in a dark
chocolate glaze.

L $62   M $49   S $30

Vienna Torte

Chocolate sponge soaked in rum, with
three layers of chocolate-orange
ganache covered with dark chocolate.
(with alcohol)

L $69   M $56   S $34

Prince Regenten Torte

White sponge cake layers filled with
vanilla chocolate cream and covered
in chocolate. (nuts free)

L $62   M $39   S $40

Sacher Torte

Chocolate sponge cake, filled with
raspberry jam and covered
with dark chocolate.

L $62   M $49   S $30

Frankfurter Kranz

White marzipan flavoured sponge
cake filled with vanilla cream and
crushed, caramelized hazelnuts.

L $64   M $51   S $34

Ginger Chocolate Torte

Ginger-chocolate sponge cake
with three layers of vanilla cream.
(nut free)

L $69   M $58   S $36

William Torte

Chocolate sponge cake with two
layers of ganache and one layer of
cranberry compote,covered with dark
chocolate. (nut free)

L $66   M $49   S $31

Small: 18 cms/ 7 inches/ 10 servings
Meduim: 20 cms/ 8 inches/ 16 servings
Large: 25 cms/ 10 inches/ 20 servings
X large (Round): 31 cms/ 12 inches/ 30-40 servings

Note: We need 2 days notice for your cake orders.
Prices may change without notice

Culinary Flavours

Spices and herbs are gifts from nature that benefit our health, enrich the world’s cuisines and give flavour to cultures. For this reason, over centuries civilizations have prized spices above all else. Spices and herbs contain hardly any fat or sugar and boast antioxidants, which can help fight diseases and maintain health. With this in mind, everyday at Stubbe Chocolates our expert chocolatiers enjoy mixing and stirring different kind of chocolates and spices to present you with this unique set of Culinary Flavours from The Chocolatier.

Trip Around the World

Cacao has been linked to sin and superstition, been used as currency and fuelled slavery but importantly it is also an expression of love and seduction, and can bring health and happiness. “Theobroma” is a genus of flowering plants found 
in the tropical belt areas around the world. Theobroma cacao also known as “food of the Gods cacao” is 
the most well known species and in many countries this cacao is transformed into rustic bolas 
(hand crafted balls). At Stubbe Chocolates we have perfected this Pure Origin chocolate into elegant bars that stand out with their regional, distinct flavors and smooth textures. No matter what the association between creation and emotion, Chocolate is and always has ultimate guilty pleasure.












On May 9, 1845, Johannes Heinrich Petrus Stubbe established Stubbe chocolates in the northern German city of Meppen, laying the foundation for six generations of chocolate making. In 1989 Heinrich Josef Stubbe started a new chapter in the family business by moving the company to Canada. Today he and his son, Daniel, continue their family’s passion with boutique shops in Ottawa and Toronto.




Say what you need to say with a Stubbe gift basket, choose from our "ready to gift" boxes filled with a range of truffles and pralines or customize your own delicious edible chocolate basket of goodies at Stubbe Chocolates. Make your gifting extra special with a variety of choices filled with truffles, marzipan, clusters, pralines, cookies & more.


Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines day, Easter or a wedding, celebrate every joyful occasion with Stubbe Chocolates. Visit our stores to see our range of special occasion goodies, to warm up your Christmas season or share your love with that special someone on Valentine's day.


Looking for a great way to encourage your team members
to spend time together? Why not book a chocolate workshop with Stubbe? It's a delicious way to encourage group bonding and tasting the fruits of your labour when you are done; it’s a great way to reward them for
a job well done.

Invite us to your location or come over to our store for a fun and educational evening about chocolate. You will learn about the origins of chocolate, how it is refined, the importance of a good temper, and have all your questions about the “Food of the Gods” answered. The tasting part of the evening can be customized to your needs. Whether you choose to sample from our collection of truffles, pralines, Colombian nectar de cacao products, culinary flavours or rather indulge in an assortment of pure Origin chocolates. Included in the fee of $600 for the tasting evening are 9 chocolate samples each for 12 people. The fee for each additional participant is $25 depending on the number of samples and type of chocolates chosen.

Corporate events from June to September only.


The store is located on Dalhousie Street between Rideau St. and George St.

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