We at Stubbe Chocolates are the oldest family-owned business in the Ottawa Valley and a prime destination in the heart of Ottawa. Under the supervision of Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef Heinrich Stubbe, We strive to create unimaginable products hand in hand with our young chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute.


Six generations of chocolate-making began in 1845 when Johannes Heinrich Petrus Stubbe established Stubbe Chocolates in Meppen, Germany. The new branch of the family business was brought to Ottawa in 1989 by Chef Heinrich Stubbe. We invite you to experience our Truffles, Tortes, Pastries and Chocolates – all of which are made in house with the finest ingredients and prepared according to the highest standards of the German Konditorei. The family tradition of boutique shops continues in Canada with Chef Heinrich in Ottawa and his son Chef Daniel in Toronto.





Six years ago I had my first amazing experience in Colombia, South America, of seeing a Cocoa (CACAO) plantation, a beautiful cocoa tree, and holding in my hands a cocoa pod. This monumental visit sparked major developments in my knowledge of chocolate.


After this experience I wanted to learn more about the complex and crucial process of growing, harvesting, fermenting and drying cocoa. I intended to impress upon the cacao farmers that the quality of chocolate is born and bred in their plantations.


Throughout these past six years I have continued learning from them. They have taught me how fascinating and complicated the process is to achieve the right quality of cocoa, and I am teaching them how as chocolatiers, we have the wonderful gift of making beautiful pieces of edible art.

Three years ago we jumped to the next stage of our project in Partnership with Procolcacao and we created our Nectar de Cacao. This is a drink enjoyed hot or cold, created from pure 100% supreme cocoa paste and sugar cane. We also created our signature chocolate covered cocoa beans and nibs. These premium cocoa beans and nibs are packed with antioxidants, flavonoids and minerals. They are wonderfully unique and gourmet treats.


Our next and more exciting step is to make our own couverture in Colombia and we are happy to announce we are close to achieving this goal.


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