Be it for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or weddings and parties, you can celebrate every joyful occasion with Stubbe Chocolates. Visit our stores to see our wonderful range of special occasion goodies to warm up your holiday season or share your love with that special someone.




Say it all with a Stubbe Chocolates gift basket! Choose from our preselected "ready to gift" boxes filled with a range of truffles and pralines or customize your own delicious chocolate boxes with us. Make your gifting extra special with a variety of wonderful choices filled with truffles, marzipan, almond clusters, pralines, cookies & more. We are happy to provide two forms of packaging for many of our products based on your personal needs. We offer beautifully wrapped edible treats that are ready to be gifted or the ‘packaged for yourself’ alternatives that are wrapped more simply.


Early Spring is an uplifting time of warmth and new life! A time where at Stubbe Chocolates we are busy in production for many special occasions. Hearts and flower arrangements for Valentines Day, hopping bunnies and decorated eggs for Easter, Tulip Festival bouquets and tulip cups, Mother’s Day flowers and specialty cakes and for Father’s Day… there is always the beer truffle!



What keeps us busy during the summer season? Weddings and celebrations, of course! At Stubbe Chocolates we want to make all of your dreams come true. We can customize any cake to fit your liking, as well as design personal wedding or party favours for your guests. Come see us and we will sit down together and bring your vision to life!



As the weather starts to cool down in the fall, there are multiple occasions that call for a proper dose of chocolate! Come see our beautiful turkeys and owls at Thanksgiving, indulge during Oktoberfest on chocolate pretzels and traditional German sweets, and celebrate Halloween with our spooky hand painted skulls and pumpkins.



Warm up your Winter holiday season with our delightful Christmas treats! Our Chocolatiers at Stubbe work hard to dazzle you with our one-of-a-kind hand painted Santa’s, Christmas trees, snowmen and chocolate houses.


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